RIP Andy Griffith

RIP Andy Griffith, you will be missed. Growing up without a father, Andy was a real father figure for me. The lessons he used to teach Opie on the show always meant alot to me and made me think about what I did. Thanks Andy for always being such a good wholesome person. You will be missed by many!

SoundCloud link to songs…

Please visit my SoundCloud page at: .

to listen to some of my songs. While you are there, check out my version of the Star Spangled Banner. I love that song. I wish I had written it! No, wait a minute here, if I had written that song, I’d be six feet under and I’m not ready to do that quite yet. Carefull what you wish for! LOL  Later,    Joe

ReverbNation Site

Check out my ReverbNation site to listen to my latest material. You can find it HERE.  While you’re there, become a fan. As Ellen would say, Won’t ya?

Well, Here I am!

Joe Karl - Songwriter

Hello fans of my music. Here is the new site. Please be patient with my as I develop it to something cool (I hope). I chose the WordPress platform so I would have more time to write songs instead of tinkering with the technical specifics of a complex website.